We want the best for you, so we do not buy frozen kebab meat skewers from the big meat suppliers who furnish the majority of Kebabs from Paris and Les Halles.

Here the meat skewers are prepared on site, every day, with fresh quality meat.

It’s the reason people prefer our kebabs.
Freshness and quality, it changes everything!

All our meats are Halal.

Even the ham! How do they do that magic ? Easy, it’s turkey ham.
Clever isn’t it !

Everyone can feast with a good conscience.
Yes, we think of everything and everyone!

Enjoy a vegetarian dish !
For all gourmands who want to vary the pleasures, we propose alternative recipes for all our sandwiches, with falafels, or eggs, cheese and fish for whom who like it.

The home made white sauce of the boss is totaly veggie, creemy and greedy, for everyone pleasure.

The famous sauce of the boss. Often copyed, never equaled.

And for a good reason, no one else than him knows the recipe.
He’s the onlyone who cook it, everyday, and keep the recipe secret. This is why his sandwishes and pita has this unic taste.

Only for the sauce, it worth coming! Oh yeah!

At Baobab, we like to treat, and we know for sure that nothing compare the home made taste. Like with mummy, it’s better, because there is love in it.

Our falafel are full of love, like your mom baked them.
Come and give a try, close your eyes and find back the flavours of your childhood.

Aren’t we feeling well ?
We are at Baobab.